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Tricks and Tips To Solve Aptitude problems On Averages Within 30 Seconds

      Tricks and Tips To Solve Aptitude problems On Averages

Tricks-To-Solve-Aptitude-problems-On-Averages       Welcome to freshers junction blog, in this blog we are providing tricks to solve aptitude problemsjobs Related information, frequently asked technical questions and Tricks and tips for Aptitude questions. The previous article is “Trick & tips to solve Train problems within 30 seconds”. Now the topic is “Tricks and Tips To Solve Aptitude Problems On Averages”.

                Problems on averages are the easiest questions in the entire Aptitude test, because to solve problems on Averages basic mathematics knowledge is more enough with some tricks. No need to solve large equations for Aptitude Problems on Averages, Just learn some tricks and tips in this article.

The basic formula to solve aptitude problems on averages:

- Average = Sum of values/Number of terms

- If a car covers a certain distance with ‘x kmph’ and the same equal distance is covered with ‘y kmph' then the average speed of the car is (2xy/x+y) kmph

Now some example problems to solve for better understand of aptitude problems on averages:

1. Find the average of 20, 52, 24, 58, 56?

Tricks To Solve aptitude problems on averages:

As we know the formula of average, Average = Sum of values/Number of terms
                Average = ( 20+52+24+58+56)/5 = 210/5 = 42

2. There are two rooms in a flat namely ‘x’ and ‘y’ consisting of 22 and 24 members respectively. The average weight of room ‘x’ is 20 kg and room ‘y’ is 25 kg. find the average weight of whole flat.

Tips and Tricks To Solve average problems:

As per question the whole weight of members of two rooms = 22*20 + 24*25 = 1040 kg
As formula mentioned above, The average of whole flat is = 1040/46 =  22.60 Kg

3. If the average of 3, 8, 7, x is 5 and the average of 16, 2, 7, x, y is 20. Find out the value of y?

averages aptitude tricks for bank exams:

As per question (3+8+7+x)/4=5
Now take the second part of question (16+2+7+x+y)/5=20
                                Y=100-25-2                          (as we solve x=2)
                                Y= 73

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Tricks And Tips To Solve Aptitude Problems On Ages

4. There are 25 numbers, the average of 25 numbers is 18. In that 25 numbers the average of first 12 numbers of them is 14 and the average of last 12 numbers of them is 17. Then find the middle (13th) number?

Tricks and Tips To Solve aptitudproblems on averages:

                Here you can clearly observe the average of 13th number is (sum of 25 numbers) – (Sum of 24 results)
                sum of 25 numbers is 25*18 = 450
                Sum of 24 results is (first 12 numbers + last 12 numbers) = (14*12)+(17*12)= 372
Now the thirteenth number is  450-372 = 78

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5. A cricketer Sourav Ganguly has a certain average of 10 innings. In the 11th innings Sourav Ganguly scored 108 runs. Then the average of saurav Ganguly increased by 6 runs. Now the new average of Sourav Ganguly is?

Averages problems tricks and tips:

                Let us take Saurav Ganguly average for 10 innings is x
Then as per question (10x+108)/11 = (x+6)
                                                10x+108 = 11(x+6)
                                                X = 42

Like this you can solve any type of problems on averages within 30 seconds easily with these tricks. But here the practice is more important.

Note: When you get a averages problems in any aptitude test, then you observe whole average and then missing number. Then it will be easy to solve average problems.

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