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Prime numbers program in C in the easiest way – how to Write?

                Here Freshers Junction blog writes Prime numbers Program in C (in Easiest Way). First you need to know what is prime number. After that don’t mug up program know the functionality of program and just remember logic.

What is Prime number:

                Prime numbers means “The Number which is divisible by only 1 or itself ”. The Examples for prime numbers is 13,17,19,23 etc. Here you can notice all these numbers are not divisible by any other number except 1 and itself.

Prime numbers program in C :

 In the below image freshers junction blog clearly writes the Prime numbers program, in That you first concentrate on logic.

To see the Program clearly , click on the following image

1. if (n>=1) – here you can check the entered number (how many prime numberss required – n ) is greater than 1 or not (because prime numbers must be positive number). If ‘n’ is greater than 1 then program continued otherwise “Return 0” statement executed
2. In the Second logic as shown in image printf function is executed (up to here program output is “first 5 prime numberss are 2) . here 5 is a n value, that is In first step entered value.
3. In the third statement for loop is executed for 3 times (3,4,5).  Because count is not greater than 5.(n value is 5)
4. In the fourth step one more for loop is executed, here I value is 3 as we initialized. Now the for loop is executed, next it check (i%c==0) so it is true, then break statement is executed. And then check (c==i) or not. If it is true then I value is printed else count and I values are incremented and program run again.

Finally The output is:

How many Prime numberss are required:
First 5 prime numberss are
Note: You can remember the Program as 5 parts as shown in image. Then it is very easy to remember prime numberss program in C.

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