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What is Abstraction? Real Time Example for Abstraction, Advantages and Disadvantages of Abstraction

Once again welcome to Freshers Junction, Here freshers junction already explained about ‘What is Polymorphism? Types of Polymorphism? Real Time Examples”  and “What Is Inheritance In Oops? Real Time Example? Program ? Advantages And Disadvantages?” Oops Concept. Now Freshers junction comes here to explain about one more Oops concept Abstraction. Many graduates have confusion on Abstraction concept. We hope Today Freshers junction removes that confusion from your mind.      
                Today freshers junction going to explain about What is Abstraction? For this simple definition without confusion, Real time example for Abstraction? For this the best real time example, What are Advantages of Abstraction? What are disadvantages of Abstraction? For this we provide all advantages and disadvantages.

What is Abstraction:

                In Oops, Abstraction is one of main principle in 4 principles (Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism). Abstraction is the “process of representing only essential features”. That means Abstraction doesn’t show the complexity behind features. Abstraction is used for “Making things more general, simpler, abstract”.

Real Time Example for Abstraction:

`               The Best real time example for abstraction is ATM (Automated Teller Machine). We doesnt know how ATM internally works when we are using ATM, we know only select options like withdraw, Balance Inquiry, Mini Statement etc.
                Here abstraction hides all unnecessary things, it shows only necessary things.

Advantages of Abstraction:

- Abstraction makes code as readable and more simpler. Because complexity of code will be hidden.
- Abstraction makes code from longer to small , because abstraction doesn't show unnecessary things.
- Without Abstraction maintaining code is very complex in Java and .Net. Abstraction gives one structure to program code.

Disadvantage of Abstraction:

- A disadvantage is that abstract classes cannot be instantiated, but most of the time it is logical not to create a object of an abstract class

Conclusion: Here freshers junction explains all about Abstraction, That is What is Abstraction? For this simple definition without confusion, Real time example for Abstraction?

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