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What is Encapsulation, Real Time Example of Encapsulation, Advantages & Disadvantages

                In Oops concept 4 parts Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism are inter related parts. In these four concepts except Encapsulation all are completed in the previous articles. The completed articles are

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                Now freshers junction blog explains What is Encapsulation, Real Time Example of Encapsulation, Advantages & Disadvantages.

Definition of Encapsulation:

                Definition of Encapsulation is “Wrapping up data member and method together into a single unit”
                “Writing operations and methods stored in a single class”

Real Time example of Encapsulation:

                The best example of car driving, car driver knows how to start car by pressing start button. The driver doesn't know what happened inside when pressing start button. Here the starting process is hidden from driver. So this process can be called as “starting process is encapsulated from driver”

Advantages of Encapsulation:

- The main advantage of Encapsulation is, when using objects, the object need not reveal all its attributes and behaviors.
- Code changes can be made independently
- Increases usability

Disadvantages of Encapsulation:

- The main drawback or disadvantage of encapsulation is that it relies heavily on standards to maintain readability

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